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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-14 10:04:47
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Dhoti is the most traditional Indian attire which is still worn during marriages, religious ceremonies and special traditional events. However, since the dhoti is not worn on a regular basis, men often find it difficult to drape one easily. There are many different dhoti styles and you can choose your style. A dhoti, looks quite trendy and fashionable, especially when one wishes to stay connected to the roots. Today, a dhoti is available in a variety of styles, colors, prints and fabrics.

Here is how to wear one. Dhoti is a 5 yards fabric which has to be draped all over the lower body. A dhoti can be tied in different styles. To begin, you need to first hold the dhoti horizontally right behind you. You have to ensure that the colored bands, if there are any, are right at the top. This is the waist region and it should face outwards.

You also need to measure the piece of cloth. This will help you in determining how much of the cloth is needed in either part of the body. You can wrap this fabric from your back to front. You will be holding the material right in front of the body. Now, you need to arrange this cloth well. You need to ensure that there is equal amount of fabric on the left as well as the right side.

Once the cloth is divided well, you need to tie a good knot near the navel. You will then make a number of folds exactly on your right side. You will then tuck all the folded parts into this waistband of the cloth. Do the entire process slowly, so that it looks neat and does not look as if done in a hurry.

You will then take the fabric from the left. You will again make a number of folds on your left side. You can slowly tuck the different folds in. Lastly, you will bring all the folded material through the legs. You need to ensure that this goes under the remaining cloth. The material should not look twisted. The fabric which goes between the legs should be snugged comfortably. It is painful or too tight.

You can wear shorts under the dhoti as the fabric is often too thin and winds can cause you embarrassment. If you do not have a habit of wearing a dhoti, it is advisable to wear something below your dhoti.

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