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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-15 11:22:55
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Dupattas are lovely and can completely add grace and oomph to any of your outfit. No, dupattas are not boring. You can wear a dupatta in very different ways if you know how to drape it well. You do not always have to style your dupatta in the same way always. So, here are some of the many interesting ways to style your dupatta which can help in flaunting all your desi outfits.

Try a half pleated pallu style which is an effortless and easy way to style the dupatta. When you pleat a dupatta on a side of the shoulder and you leave the other fanned part hanging, it does freely hang from the shoulder. There are no pleats. It is just perfect for all occasions. You can also try the slipped dupatta style. This is one of the styles which is most chic and graceful. You can style your lehenga with Anarkali or your salwar suit.

Try the shoulder drape and wrist style. This draping provides a classy look. You can drape the dupatta and then roll it to just the other end. Wrap it just around the wrist and to the arm. You can carry this unique style in different semi-formal events, in formal events and with lehenga cholis. The free-falling drape is just ideal when you wish to look elegant and comfortable at the same time. This free-falling draping style will be without any kind of creases and pleats. It can be easily styled with any eastern dress. This is the ideal way to style your dupatta for casual, formal and regular wear.

Try the one side drape. This is an easy way to style your long drape and it carry it on the shoulders. You do not have to worry about the pleats. Just let the drape flow from a side only. This is an easy everyday style which looks smart and graceful. The neck drape is another easy way to carry the dupatta. You can let it drape on both the sides of the neck. However, many people cannot drape it well and often spoil its look. If this is pleated well and not just gathered, it looks neat.

Drape it like a saree pallu and this is the perfect way to style it with your lehengas and tops. This style will complete your look with elegance and comfort. You can pleat your dupatta on a side. You can pin it to the other half side of your waist.

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