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Topic : Business
Last Updated : 2020-05-24 10:41:13
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Intellectual property is any type of information that has been uniquely produced by an individual. It can be a business plan, a scientific formula, trademark, creative writing etc. For any organization, intellectual properties are very important. They include all the plans and tactics of a company. Sealing those information can cause a great damage. So the question arises, how to protect intellectual property? Simple. We can protect the intellectual property by legally registering it.

There are various types of Intellectual properties, such as, 1. Patent- This makes sure that one s manufactured product is not stolen by any other manufacturer. It gives the legal right to stop anyone from re-making of an unique product. 2. Trademark- They are symbols or names that one associate with their unique product. It builds the reputation of a product. 3. Copyright- A copyright protects a writing, painting, movie, or song from copying. Only the owner of the copyright can reproduce it. 4. Trade secrets- These are some formulas or ideas that help a company to compete with other rival groups. They are the formulas of success. Appropriate measures are taken by different organizations so that the trade secrets do not leak out.

These days, with the use of internet, anyone can steal information from others. This happens regularly in cases of creative writing. It is very difficult to detect and prove one s originality. But one can protect our intellectual property with the help of intellectual property attorney. There are various intellectual property protection methods. First of all the knowledge about the intellectual property is important and everyone related to that property must be aware of how essential it is to protect the property. Registration of any intellectual property legally, is the best way to secure it from others. There are different acts and tools to do so and with their help we can safeguard our intellectual property.

A trademark is a mark, word, phrase or symbol that proves the uniqueness of any product. The product manufacturers use it so that no other companies can steal their idea. Trademark protection safeguards an intellectual property. The person applying for trademark protection must use that mark on every commercial good. To make a trademark safe, one must make sure that no other company uses that mark already. The producer can take legal steps if someone else uses their property without their consent. So making a unique trademark is essential to gain a trademark protection.

The owner of a unique product must take care of a few things to prevent any counterfeiting. The person has to use the trademark regularly. They have to keep an eye on other companies to check if anyone is using their mark illegally. Taking legal steps against those who copy the unique trademark is essential. Maintaining contact with intellectual property lawyer is important to get legal advice.

Trademarks usually suggest the nature of manufactured product. They need to be unique and strong. To legally register one s trademark, people usually go for fanciful and arbitrary trademarks. There are various laws for safeguarding a registered trademark. Though at an early stage every start-up companies aim to establish themselves locally, but after gaining local success everyone wants to spread their business internationally.

To achieve greater success, people need to plan in advance. Trading in foreign countries involves a high risk of counterfeiting. Any patent right is territorial which will not work in foreign countries. In such cases, people have to fill up patent application forms internally so that one s unique product gets international patent protection. The procedure is limited and strict. Thus one can file in different countries and plead for patent protection for their uniquely manufactured goods.

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