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Topic : Business
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 06:13:47
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This phase of lockdown has been very baneful towards the business sector of India. Many businesses have been affected. Still, people, with high hopes are exploring the various options available to start a new business. Here are some plans that can be considered to start up a new business after lockdown.

Setting up a business does not only require capital, but it also a good planning. New business ideas are getting developed regularly that may help individuals to set up small scale business in the near future. They can be managed efficiently with very few people and does not require additional labour and space. If you are willing to start up a business after lockdown can take up the initiative to start up a new business of delivering food items which are prepared in a healthy manner. People are under a constant threat of the epidemic and wish to ensure cleanliness first. If people notice that food items are being sold maintaining all the health directions, then definitely it will run smoothly and would lead the business towards profit.

This period of lockdown is causing much trouble to the older people around the country. If anything can be done for them, it will be beneficial. You can take the initiative of creating an app for these older people, which will deliver basic amenities like food and medicines to them. You can also provide responsible people who would take care of these old people like taking care of them throughout the day or run some errands for them then it will be beneficial for you as well as for the country. This can also be a good business to try out.

The terrible cyclone that hit the city on 20th May was another menace. Many people have got their homes severely damaged and many have been rendered homeless. Due to this cyclone, an uncountable number of trees have been uprooted. From this, another prospect of setting up a business emerges, repairing the houses that have been damaged or the initiative of supplying building materials and labour to those affected areas. This idea will help you to turn your noble initiative into a profitable business in the future.

The tourism sector has been severely affected during this lockdown. So, it can be said this department will flourish after the lockdown gets lifted. Developing a tour and travelling agency will be a good idea to set up a new business by the time this crisis gets over. People will be eager to visit places and travel in order to refresh themselves. The agency will then have enough scope to flourish with customers pouring in. If the idea of tour and travel agency does not fit for you, then another business idea to try after this lockdown will be setting up an online ticket booking agency. They will be in much demand too.

Setting up a new business is not always as tricky as it seems. Following the above-mentioned business ideas will enable you to start up a new business after this lockdown.

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