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Topic : Business
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 08:25:57
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For several business persons, there occurs a time when they crave for a new career axis. As you were being in the same line for years, you want some flexibility and freedom. So, some wish to launch a consulting firm. Well, to launch a consulting firm, you must be knowing about the tools and resources you will be required. So, what are the best tools and resources for consulting firm entrepreneurs? Well, here are 5 more cool tools for the business of consulting entrepreneurs.

Communication Tools- A successful consulting firm business must have the ability to communicate with their clients. They must convey valuable and innovative ideas to help in improving their business. This precisely means that one has a consulting firm business that must need a powerful communication tool that eases the sharing of views. They can go for Slack, which is a simple tool used to bring all the internal communications in sync to a single platform. It allows you to share your file, project management, instant messaging, and most of all can be accessed through mobile. Next is Yondo, which is a cool communication tool that allows you to conduct one-on-one video consultations with your clients. It offers screen sharing feature, booking calendar, record session, and file-sharing options. Last is Google Doc, which is an extension of the communication tool. It is a free online processing tool that eliminates the back-forth occurring during the document revision with many parties.

Marketing Tools - While launching a consulting business firm, marketing is crucial. No doubt that we can leverage our past networks and connections, but we need to expand our network at a new level also. And for this, we can prefer Mail Chimp, which is one of the cool marketing tools for consulting firms. As email marketing is efficient, this tool can help you to engage with your past connections while targeting new clients. Hootsuite is yet another cool tool for marketing, that manages the social media engagement of your business. At last, BuzzSumo, which is again a competitive tool for marketing via content. It allows you to research the trending content ideas with suitable keywords.

Productivity Tools - As much of our time being a consultant gets consumed doing small and necessary tasks, which are not that much interesting. So, to free up our time making our work more engaging, we need to invest in a productivity tool. Some cool productivity tools for consulting entrepreneurs are like Due, Severa, and Ecquire. The due tool offers you a dependable account system to help you avoid unnecessary tensions and stress while getting paid faster. The severa tool allows you to handle your projects efficiently. It will help you to stay organized and professional. At last, Ecquire is the tool which is another valuable asset. This is a chrome extension that captures data from Gmail and other social networks. It also syncs directly to the CRM platforms.

So, after enrolling in the above article we get to know that every consulting entrepreneur has different interests and skills. These skills attract or captivate them towards the tools and resources for their business. By knowing which tool to use or which tool will be suitable for your business, you will be able to achieve higher results. As most of your competitors must be using other tools regarding this, so you should also not ignore using it. So, identify the best and most suitable ones as per your need and launch a successful consulting business.

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