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Topic : Bollywood
Last Updated : 2020-06-10 11:07:58
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Rekha, the eternal beauty of Bollywood is one actress who has inspired her fans with her hard work, acting skills, and mesmerizing dance performances. Rekha had a successful career and lived life on her own terms. She continues to be magnetic and still inspires the latest generation of struggling actors. Known for her spotless beauty, her charming personality and her collection of lovely Kanjivaram sarees, Rekha has always been a mystery woman.

There was something in her which she fiercely loves to keep a secret. Rekha prefers to stay away and does not stay much connected, though she is seen in Bollywood film awards and parties. Rekha mentions that it is not that she doesn t want to reach out or interact with people, but she doesn t like her life to be encroached. She prefers to stay connected but once in a while. After two failed marriages and several stories of her link-ups, Rekha prefers to stay alone. She is a happy woman, feels accomplished and continues to awe her fans.

It is said that no one knows Rekha well. She does not entertain guests at home. Even her colleagues who live in her neighborhood never visited her. There is hardly anyone who visits her. No one knows why she does not like to make friends or meet others.

An eternal beauty, many people believe that Rekha hides a lot behind her heavy make-up and the smile she wears. In spite of being single, Rekha believes she has a perfect life. In fact, something which raised many questions is related to her sindoor which is a sign of a married woman. It is known to all that Rekha lost her husband several years back and she never chose to marry. In such a situation, why does she put on sindoor . There are a lot of speculations and mystery around this.

There are several rumors about her being married or she secretly considers someone to be her husband. However, when Rekha was asked the question, she had a cool answer. She said, she puts sindoor because she feels she looks good in it. She does not use sindoor for anyone else. She believes it s a choice in her life and she is happy and calm about it. If she does not have any problem with it, why do others have to think?

Stunningly poised, Rekha is a Bollywood icon. She is perched at one such place in her life which very few celebrities could actually reach. She is one of the most enigmatic stars of Bollywood.

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