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Topic : Bollywood
Last Updated : 2020-06-26 12:21:14
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Panga was released in January, 2020. Starring Kangana Ranaut in the leading role, the movie is a must watch for all women who dream to pursue their career even after marriage. It is again one of those movies where we see Kangana Ranaut at her best. Panga is a movie which honors the hardwork of women. It is about the many hours of toil of mothers and their families, while they do their best not to give up on their dreams.

The story revolves around Jaya Nigam and her life of domesticity. It is about the usual story of a hardworking lady who juggles between her family responsibilities and her job. It is about her passion for kabaddi which she decides to pursue at the age of 32. It is her dream to get into the National team. The film is about Jaya and her aspirations, her struggles in life and her decision making.

The movie gets a beautiful small town mileu but with a refreshing energy. The audience gets to watch the by-lanes of Bhopal. The characters of the movie feel palpable and real. It is something which every lady can relate.

The narrative of the movie is filled with several subtle moments. The eternal tussles between domestic responsibilities and the desire to fulfil one s dreams is beautifully portrayed in the movie. This is one emotion which millions of women go through in India. The dialogues of the movie reveal the harsh realities of life. The are engaging, inspiring, humorous and quite emotional at times.

Now, if we consider the performances, Kangana Ranaut has excellent as Jaya. She is the dutiful and gentle lady who has a deep simmering desire to break out and catch her dream. In the court scene we see a brilliant performance where she breathes in vulnerability and amazing power. Two facets of her character are beautifully woven in the scene which has been a lot appreciated by the viewers.

Panga is one film that honours the hard work of women. It is a recognition that women deserve but something which is often forgotten. The film beautifully portrays the urge women have in their minds and how happy they are if they get a second chance to chase their dreams.

Panga is a well-crafted movie. There are several scenes which are wonderfully balanced. The outcome of the movie is quite motivating and capturing. A must-watch movie for women who dare to chase their dreams.

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