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Topic : Bollywood
Last Updated : 2020-06-14 10:00:28
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How many times have you watched DDLJ? Just like you almost everyone has watched the movie several times. There is a unique freshness and vibrancy in the movie which has brought in viewers again and again. One of the biggest hits of Bollywood, DDLJ is not a new movie but certainly still a favorite amongst the movie lovers. People do not have any one reason to watch the movie but they have several reasons to watch DDLJ again and again.

First and foremost, the ensemble cast is the major attraction. The King Khan of Bollywood along with the talented actress were supported by Amrish Puri and Farida Jalal. Anupam Kher played the role of the loving father who is still well etched in the mind of the viewers. This is one movie which has helped Shahrukh Khan become one of the major stars of Bollywood. Besides the star cast, the movie is also known for the amazing soundtrack by Jatin Lalit. The song Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna is still played in the weddings across the countries and abroad. Watch DDLJ once more for its amazing songs and wonderful NRI.

You can watch DDLJ for the amazing train scenes. The love story begins with a Europe tour through the railways. Some of the most dramatic scenes take place on the different train station platforms and the trains. In the later years many movies like Chennai Express have scenes which are inspired by scenes of DDLJ.

Watch the movie once again to understand the new age man introduced in the movie. DDLJ became quite popular because the hero was different. The movie brought about the birth of a New Age Man. The hero of the movie did the elope with the lady he love. He chose not to eat because the lady had not eaten. He was a modern enough to drink beer but traditional as well to love his lassi. He never took advantage of women, though he perfectly teased them.

The movie is also well-known for its many dialogues. You must have heard some of the most famous ones like Bade bade deshon main, aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain, senorita . It became a famous line amongst the youngsters and often mentioned. Dialogue delivery by Shahrukh Khan is what makes the movie so successful.

DDLJ is a perfect mix of romance, comedy and excellent acting skills. The film has won accolades far and wide and continues to be one of the most watched movies of the recent times.

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