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Topic : Bollywood
Last Updated : 2020-06-22 12:19:19
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Every year scores of Hindi films are released all over the world. Today, filmy posters are no longer the way to promote a film or create a buzz. These days, producers and filmmakers spend crores on the promotion of the movie. If you watch reality shows like Big Boss, you must have seen how films are promoted every weekend. That is not all, films are also promoted through TV serials, social media promotions and stage shows.

Bollywood does its best to woo its audience. For the promotion of Raees, Shahrukh Khan had even boarded a train from Mumbai. Though many people believe that excessive publicity and promotions kills the buzz of a film. This is one of the many reasons why several films are now being promoted only through social media or online channels like YouTube.

There are many who people that a good promotion helps in the success of a movie. If the leading stars of the movie are seen on reality shows and at events, it helps the film a lot. It is known that any film falls or stands based on its posters, its promotions and to a great extent on the basis of its music videos. However, Baahubali 2 is one movie which has completely changed the trend. The movie was never promoted on reality shows but it is one of the biggest grossing film till now. It is often said that people should do good promotions and not just make special appearances.

However, there are others who mention that if the content of a film is good, it will get a good opening. A film succeeds only when it has a good content. With plenty of promotions, the film gets a little audience in the first few weeks. If the audience does not like the film, the internet gets loaded with bad reviews. No one prefers to watch the movie in the next few days. Thus, the fate of the movie gets sealed. Here promotions or no promotions do not actually make a difference. Even if the producers spend a lot of money on the promotions, it does not actually help the film.

Promotions usually differ from one movie to another. It has a lot to do about innovation. It is important to bring in audiences to the theater and each film does it in its own way. There is no one strategy which is magical or which can work well for a movie. However, film promotions are still getting stronger day by day.

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