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Topic : Bollywood
Last Updated : 2020-06-04 12:08:55
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Sholay proved to be a cult movie and became an inspiration not just for artists but also for filmmakers. Several ideas and concepts from the film helped in designing entertainment material for the next few years. The film was a mega-thriller with just the right balance of violence, humor, romance, and action. In the next few years, Sholay provided all the filmmakers pot-boiler entertainment.

The film gave rise to many trends which are repeated even in the recent Bollywood films as well, even after so many decades. Here are some of the many trends.

Bromance yes, that s the male bonding which became a trend in the next few years. The friendship between two characters Jai and Viru was strongly highlighted in the movie, especially through their famous friendship song. Whether it is about their comedy scenes or their leg-pulling, the friendship between the lead characters was certainly refreshing. Such concepts of friendship were later used in several movies.

Death of the hero at the end of the movie is something that was not accepted earlier. When the lead character, Amitabh Bachchan or Jai died at the end, the audience had tears in their eyes. The audience widely accepted the sacrifice by the character. This character soon gave a winning formula for later movies which was the death of the hero. This character portrayal of Jai, helped Amitabh Bachchan become the biggest start of Bollywood.

The film gave rise to a new villain. The role of Gabbar Singh was played by Amjad Khan. The character of Gabbar Singh was completely different and set a change in the way villains were portrayed in Indian cinema. This character was based on real-life dacoit who was known for his ruthlessness. Gabbar Singh gave Indian cinema a larger than life villain who successfully created onscreen terror.

Sanjeev Kumar played the role of Thakur Baldev Singh who was physically challenged. His character was depicted strongly which instilled a new faith in people who were physically challenged. The character did not gather sympathy but was hailed for its will-power and mental strength. Bollywood scriptwriters welcomed such a strong character and the idea was used in many movies in the next few years.

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