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Topic : Agriculture
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 09:53:26
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Indian agricultural activities are comprised of several crops and the foremost food staples like wheat and rice. Indian farmers also grow potatoes, oilseeds, pulses, sugarcane, and other non-food items like coffee, tea, cotton, jute, rubber, and more.

India is the fisheries giant as well. A total of about 3 million metric tons of annual rank of India worldwide, it is the top 10 fishing nation. Despite the overwhelming size of the agricultural sector, the yields per hectare of crops in India are lower as compared to the international level.

Improper water management is yet another problem that is affecting Indian agriculture. Simultaneously, an increasing shortage of water and environmental crises like rice crops is disproportionately allocated and absorbs a high amount of water. One result of the ineffective and inefficient usage of water is that the water tables in the rice cultivation regions like Punjab are rising with the decline in their soil fertility.

Aggravating the situation of the agricultural field, it is an ongoing drought in Asia and inclement weather conditions. From 2000 to 2001, a monsoon with the rainfall was expected but the agricultural prospects were not considered bright as it was an average one.

This issue has been partly because of the relatively unfavorable rainfall distribution that leads to floods in certain parts of the country, India, and droughts in other regions as well.

Despite the fact that agriculture accounts quarter of the Indian economy and almost employs about the estimate of 60 percent of the labor force, it is been considered to be highly wasteful, inefficient, and incapable to solve hunger as well as malnutrition problems occurring.

Progress in the areas is rising but the problems related to agriculture have continued to frustrate the country for decades. It is comprised of one-fifth of the actual agricultural output and is lost due to the inefficiencies in transport, harvesting, and storage of the subsidized crops.

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