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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 13:29:22
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Hungary fairy tale structure, rich hot springs, and enchanting, folklore-steeped memoir give it enduring fame. Yet aside from its famous landmarks, there are secrets for many visiting the country. From world-class wine to ski slopes located just outside Budapest, here are some facts you never knew about Hungary.

Fact 1 - According to legend, when the 1848 Hungarian Revolution was defeated against the Habsburgs, 13 Hungarian generals were killed when the Austrians turned down their glass of beer after each execution. Subsequently, Hungary vowed not to please beer for 150 years. That time has passed, but it is still a practice.

Fact 2 - The Hungarian language is stated to be the toughest language to acquire, and this may be right, particularly in Europe, as there is no other language that likes it. The primary logic for this is that the language originates from the plains of Central Asia and is the originator of the Magyar tribes after the establishment of Hungary.

Fact 3 - In 1988, presently before the fall of socialism in 1989, McDonald became the first international fast-food restaurant to prove itself in the country. Though, it was not the first fast-food restaurant in the country as there was also a local fast-food chain called City Grill and another called Paprika.

Fact 4 - There is a list of pre-confirmed lists of names that you can select for your baby, but if you desire to name your child with another name that is not on the list, you will need to apply.

Fact 5 - Hungary opposed Soviet rule during the Cold War, for example, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Though, it remained a communist country until 1989 when it reopened its border with Western Europe.

Conclusion - The most advanced country in the Eastern Communist countries is Hungary. The country has an extremely developed car construction industry with Daimler, Audi, Open and Suzuki, and a production facility in the country.

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