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Topic : Hollywood
Last Updated : 2020-05-27 15:50:22
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The Coronavirus or COVID 19 has formally driven much of the world into voluntary or involuntary quarantine. Restricted to the relative comforts of our homes, isolated individuals are turning to their streaming services for some speck of connection in a socially distanced world. Some viewers are coping by viewing escapist fantasies and absurdist reality, others are turning to a more dystopian option- movies about pandemics. Here are Five movies on pandemics that made it to the top of the list.

1. Outbreak- The movie is based on a fictional town in California that has been entirely quarantined upon being the place of origin for an Ebola-like outbreak in the United States. The plot revolves around the CDC and military medical researchers charged with containing and treating the infected persons. The movie is currently available on popular streaming platform Netflix.

2. Contagion- This is the movie doing rounds on everyone s lips now. Available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu. Steven Soderbergh s vivid depiction of what might occur in the wake of a pandemic sees doctors striving to identify the origin of a deadly virus and attempt to develop a vaccine while cities are under quarantine, misleading reports are creating panic shopping, and supplies of the immunization are not sufficient to treat everyone at risk.

28 Days Later- Another zombie movie from Danny Boyle gains a place on the list, where other zombie movies did not because of its clarity that the outbreak is created by animals contaminated with a virus. These people are not undead, but sick. The virus is nicknamed as Rage and sees the infected become irrationally violent and extremely infectious. Our protagonist is Cillian Murphy, oblivious of the virus because of being in a state of coma in hospital, finds London an abandoned wasteland just 28 days after the outbreak started.

4. It Comes at Night- Not a typical zombie movie, but definitely a film with the theme of disease, of sorts, which sees a couple and their teenage son confining themselves in the woods because of an invisible threat that s taken over the planet. But when a young couple and their child come seeking shelter, the family s domestic balance is shaken. Metaphorical, smart, and scary, the movie is one harsh quarantine film.

5. Train to Busan- An excellent Korean zombie movie depicting hoe fast a virus can spread. The story revolves around a man named Seok-woo who boards a train from Seoul to Busan along with his daughter while an infected woman boards on a different carriage. Very soon Every passenger got contaminated and Seok-woo needs to work out with other passengers to try to keep the healthy cars from being infected. The film is emotional and thrilling at the same time.

These are the top five movies that made it to this list. Stay home, lock the doors, and get nice and cozy with these awesome infection and quarantine themed movies.

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