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Topic : Health Care
Last Updated : 2020-05-19 12:16:11
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Corona Virus can be defined as a huge family of viruses accountable for inflicting infections in animals and people. It is also referred to as COVID-19. The World Health Organization or WHO, has specified that COVID-19 is a recent sickness as a result of the Corona Virus and it originated in China sometime in December 2019. The pandemic spreaded over 250 countries across the globe by the end of April 2020.

Coronavirus symptoms include nasal congestion, running nose, cold, cough and fever among others. The most worrying fact is that these symptoms remain hidden in many people and thus make them unaware of having contracted the disease. This also helps in the spread of the disease. As the host unknowingly would go to various places and meet people, in the process he would also spread infectivity.

To prevent this disease from spreading, Social Distancing is the only way that has been found effective until now. All the governments of the country and state are trying to prevent humans from coming in contact with each other. Keeping this in view Lockdown has been declared in most of the countries. All transportation services, shops, markets and sites of social gathering has been sealed. It has been observed that in most states people are following and ardently abiding the rules and regulations while in some states, unfortunately, they are not. Here, I am going to detail the steps that citizens who love their family and country should follow to overcome this situation.

Social distancing or maintaining a social distance is one of the most effective ways as of now no vaccine or medication has been invented to cure this disease. So the main question is what can be done to control the spread of infection? Well, a few more ways are there to ensure our safety. First of all, we need to wash hands with sanitizers multiple times a day. This would help to prevent the infection from spreading by touch. We should wear face masks while talking to people so that it does not spread by droplets of saliva. We should also cover our face while sneezing, to prevent airborne contamination.

Next, we should strictly follow the rules and regulations imposed by the government. We also need to cooperate with the police, doctors and healthcare officials as they are always working for our safety even by putting their own lives at risk. After that, we should try to avoid public gatherings at all cost. It is better to stay at home during this period. We can get out of the house only in case of an emergency.

There are also some ethical duties we need to follow as responsible citizens. First and foremost we should use our discretion while sharing news on social media. False news can lead to a lot of confusion among the people and can cause enough troubles. Next, all emergency services are available, so we should not stockpile essential items like food, sanitizers, medicines, etc. We need to think about the needs of other people and stop behaving selfishly.

This lockdown or shut down is causing enough troubles in our lives but we need to understand that these extreme measures have been adopted for our own safety. The government has nothing to gain from it and it is not enjoying at our troubles. Various programs have been initiated by the government to aid us during these tough times. So, we need to support the government and cooperate with it rather than blaming it. We, the responsible citizens must stand unitedly to fight in these tough times.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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