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Topic : Health Care
Last Updated : 2020-05-15 01:23:19
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Being able to predict future risk to diseases is amazing but, I would not want to receive a genetic report card. I believe everything that is written in fate is bound to happen. If my genetic report card informed me about diseases that could possibly happen, it would steal the joy of living from me. I would be living with constant fear and taking extra precautions and if the disease were to happen even after all that, my worries and precautions would go into the waste basket.

Genetic testing and predicting potential diseases, I believe is one of the best inventions technology can bless us with. Doctors would be able to predict and plan for many diseases and come up with cures beforehand. Patients can adapt to healthier lifestyles such as avoiding some foods and exercising to prevent the disease. They could start treatments well before time and save the case from growing severe. This could saves lives of millions around the world.

Although, there are downsides to this as well. Finding out that someone will have an incurable disease can take a toll on the mental health of this patient. They will lose the strength to living questioning themselves what's the point? Family members and friends could be supportive but, some can distance themselves as well, in fear of catching any disease. Only those people should get themselves checked who are confident and in control of reaction to the results. People shouldn't just go out of excitement because this is a serious matter.

The test results should be confidential between the patient and the doctor. Strict agreements and a contract should be signed to the keep the information private. The patient should get to decide if the test results can be used by researchers. I believe that the patient should be paid for giving access to this information and I believe that the patient has every right to know which companies are given access and what research will they conduct with the information.

Access to this Information will leave a huge impact on our everyday lives. We will strive to live the healthiest life possible from eating healthy foods to positivity for our mental health. Society at large would want to know the genetic reports of humans they associate with. People would consider the health of the society before moving into a new house in a community. People would want to know the genetic reports and family health history of their potential partners before they commit into a relationship. This could be prove to be both positive and negative for society.

In the future, doctors will likely be able to give us a genetic report card that will spell out risks for potential diseases. But, do we really want this information? Let me know in the comment section below.

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