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Topic : Health Care
Last Updated : 2020-05-19 09:04:27
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With the rise in population, the rates of suffering from chronic diseases are getting higher. Often patients are needed to take long term medications. In our hectic life, there is barely enough time for us to go to a pharmacy and purchase the required medicines. Thus, people began to search for solutions over the internet. From then on we frequently come across terms like buy medicines online or E Pharmacy.

At first, we should know what an E-Pharmacy actually is. An E-Pharmacy or an online pharmacy as the term suggests, refer to the medical stores that have extended their services over the internet to cater to a larger number of customers. They basically receive orders from customers over the Internet and after that deliver the requested medicines through mail or through certain delivery agencies. The customers are given the option of easy payment solutions through various online payment modes.

Online pharmacy can be of various types. It can be an Internet-exclusive site or an online branch of a physical store or it can even be some site that creates a partnership with various pharmacies to sell their products online. Currently ore than 3000 online pharmacies are offering their services worldwide.

Why is there a rapid growth of ePharmacies all over the world? Well to get an answer to this question we have to set our eyes upon the exclusive benefits they offer to their customers. Many online pharmacies offer free home delivery of medicines on orders exceeding a certain amount. The lucrative offer of discount and cashback is always over there. Many online pharmacies have made a partnership with various E-Wallets which offer lucrative discounts and cashback if the bill is paid through that particular E-Wallet.

It is also very convenient for buyers to purchase medicines from an online pharmacy. He just has to upload a prescription and order the required medicines along with their quantity. A bill will be generated which the buyer has to pay online using e-payment modes. A debit or credit card can also be used for the purchase. Many online medicine stores have their own prepaid wallets, the buyer just have to add money in it and all the payments will be made using that wallet. The customer will be made aware of the whole process of placing an order to successful delivery through Email notifications.

The retailers also get to reap a lot of benefits by taking their business online. Among them, the first one would undoubtedly be the ease of business. An online pharmacy does not require to keep a lot of staff all the time. Their only duty is to receive orders, preparing the bill and setting the items for dispatch. This does not involve a lot of manual work. Secondly, the profit of doing online business is more than doing it offline.

The pharmacy business is tied in with serving the requirements on time. It can be said as one of the major reasons for the growth of Online medical stores. Customers get a quick delivery of the medicines and they can also return it if purchased accidentally. Doorstep delivery also contributes to one of the major factors behind the success of Online pharmacy. The subscription privileges offered by some pharmacies add to the comfort of the customers.

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