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Topic : Games
Last Updated : 2020-06-05 02:51:48
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Gamers often encounter the problem of overheating when it comes to their gaming PC. There are various potential causes for that such as overclocking, lack of proper cooling, and inferior quality of case fan. Do not worry. In this article, I am listing some of the critical points and accessories that you can use to cool your gaming PC during long sessions of gaming.

1. Keep your computer clean- Have you got any idea of what keeps your computer cool? It is the fan inside it which optimizes itself for various speed settings as per the temperature inside the CPU. Often, a considerable amount of dust gets collected inside or near the fan resulting in a slow pace or even damage. It is advisable to clean your computer once in a month to be sure that your CPU fan functions appropriately.

2. Upgrading the CPU case fan- The processor inside your gaming computer is the most sensitive and expensive item. It has the tendency to get overheated each time you run resource-heavy games in it. Gamers are often encouraged to make use of high-quality case fans when it gets to playing high-end games. It is often advised for gamers to use high-quality case fans when it involves playing high-end games. When you play high-end games in your gaming PC, the factory-installed case fan does not provide you with appropriate cooling as compared to the optimized case fans sold by brands such as Noctua, etc. Therefore, you definitely need to install high-quality case fans to keep your CPU cool during gaming.

3. Reduce overclocking- When you urge your computer components harder and faster than the limits they have expected to perform. In such a case, Overclocking occurs and if done for more extended periods, it leads to downgraded CPU performance. So, in order to experience extended hours of gaming, you should try to avoid overclocking your CPU.

4. Replacement of Power Supply- There is a large fan inside your computer power supply. This is where you can sense the heat emerging out when you put your hand on the back of your computer. If your gaming PC does not have a case fan fitted, then this is the only area where the heat can get out of your computer. If your power supply fan is not working properly, there are strong chances of overheating. Replacing the PSU fan can be suggested in such a condition.

5. A CPU Water Cooling System should be installed- In high-end gaming PCs, the volume of heat formation is so much that even a high-quality case fan is not enough for keeping the CPU Cool. In that case, you will need a water cooling system that is more effective and calms your CPU better. You need not worry about having water in your computer, the water is enclosed inside the sealed transfer system. A pump is operated in cycles and provides cooling to all the CPU and computer parts. The most exc

6. Install a Phase Change Unit This is an important step to protect your gaming PC. Frequently problems are reported to arise from here only. You can understand the concept of a phase change unit as the working of a Refrigerator. It assists in calming the heated CPU but working on the same technology, as is done in refrigerators. Phase change units typically range in price from USD 1,000 to 2,000.

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