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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-05-29 11:32:24
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Ice creams- Ice creams are very famous as a desert, mainly in summer days. It cools our body and soul. Many flavors are available in ice creams like grape, orange, mango, pista, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, chocolate, and others. One of the most asked questions about ice cream is how to make ice cream at home. Making tasty ice creams at home is quite easy. We can get the recipes from the internet and make one.

Tips for making ice cream- To make ice cream at home we need to keep a few things in mind, they are- 1. The container of the ice cream should be well frozen. And the container should always be filled half to get the maximum cooling effect. 2. One should use more amount of whipped cream than milk. It makes the ice cream fluffy and smooth. 3. One should use a solid sweetening element, and the sweetener should be blended in a food processor to get fine dust. 4. Adding additional creamy ingredients makes the ice cream smoother and tastier. Usually, homemade ice creams get stiff and hard when stored for cooling. So adding more creamy ingredients is essential. Below, an easy recipe for making homemade ice cream is mentioned.

Mango Ice cream- Mango is our most favorite fruit. Mango juice, mango shakes, mango ice creams, mango cakes are some mouth-watering desserts and beverages. There are many famous mango dishes as well. Mango ice creams are very in demand among kids. Interestingly, making mango ice creams at home is quite easy. Below, the process of making a mango ice cream is mentioned in detail.

Ingredients- To make a delicious mango ice cream, a few ingredients are needed, they are- 3 cups of whipped cream, 1 cup of mango puree, 2 teaspoon vanilla extract, Half cup of sugar or honey, Any type of sweet syrup for toppings

Process- One needs to follow a few steps to make the ice cream, they are mentioned below-1. To make the mango puree, peel and chop the mangoes and blend them well until a smooth paste is produced. 2. Then add sugar and vanilla essence to the mango paste and blend all together. The sugar particles must be mixed well. 3. In a different container, start whipping the cream. The cream must be whipped until one gets soft peaks in it. 4. Next, mango pulp should be added to the whipped cream. Then mix it evenly. 5. Later the mixture is to be poured in a container. It should be tightly covered with a lid.

6. Then it should be kept in the freezer for a few hours. 7. Later take it out and blend it once more for smoother texture and keep it in the freezer again. 8. We can repeat the process until we get the desired smoothness and fluff. When all is done, the mango ice cream can be served with any sweet syrup or honey.

Thus, we can make mouth-watering ice creams at our home and enjoy it with our family. It is a great way to enjoy cooking with your family. We can experiment with different flavors and create new mixed ice creams as well.

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