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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 15:33:29
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Finland is a Nordic nation located in Northern Europe. It is not well known as its Scandinavian neighbors, but it has a colorful history and is full of culture. Some laws in the country are considered strange, and others that make it the most practical country in the world. So, it is there, proof that Finland is crazy at times, yet probably the best place. What not to like - In a cold place, they have some warm-hearted people.

Finland is ranked no. 1 as the happiest country in the world - The latest UN report states that Finland is now the happiest country in the world. The Nordic nations are always at the peak, but Finland assembles a big climb from No. 5 to No. 1 this year.

It can be expensive to drive faster than the speed limit - Faster penalties in Finland are calculating the total income of the violator. This implies that millionaires can face fines of up to 100 000 for driving a vehicle faster than the speed limit.

Finn eats 12 kg of coffee on average every year - Nordic countries are famous for heavy coffee drinkers, and fins are no exception. It is hard to estimate how many cups per year, but the average fin will consume 12 kg of coffee annually.

Finnish is not the same as Scandinavian languages - Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish are quite similar, and it is not difficult to understand 3 of those languages during a short effort, even though they are not the same.

Finland also has free education at the university level - One of the Finns should be proud of themselves is the fact that they provide free education for students, even at the university level. This also applies to international students from the European Union or EES. Non-EU citizens can also enjoy free tuition fees if classes taken are taught in Finnish or Swedish or doctoral studies in any language.

Conclusion - Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe famous for its true natural beauty and unique culture. Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world, where citizens enjoy high living standards and peaceful lives.

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