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Topic : Enterprenure
Last Updated : 2020-06-17 18:17:44
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Modern life seems to focus on helping everything to win for nothing, without pain or sacrifice but falls short in learning how to overcome life's inevitable obstacles. The truth is that the great promise of unbelievable success is a fallacy that appeals to wrong thinking and falsely believes that something meaningful can earn without working. Then, if success does not come, a strong resentment is created that can lose faith with oneself.

On this topic, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst recalls Carl Jung, who discovered common psychological patterns of humanity called archetypes, which are rooted aspects in themselves that can act as frameworks to develop their potential fully.

In this sense, the most common archetype in all cultures is the fighter commonly identified in modern life as a man in battle. So the warrior offers various courses on how to live authentically while transcending his fears and fears.

1. Life courageous: At the beginning of each month of January, people make New Year's resolutions to change their lives, but they often see their commitment begin to disappear at the first sign of contradiction. But, the warrior embraces this difficulty and using it to become stronger, sees it as a source of strength to move towards the targets. In life, the obstacles are constant, but the warrior symbol indicates that there is an option: to defeat or show courage at the first sign of contradiction.

2. Be prepared to confront: The archetype of the warrior indicates that you are willing to deal with and kill the dragons. Here are dragons' metaphors of fears that arise on the road to goals or dreams. So the inability to ask for a raise, deal effectively with uncertainties, recognize a defect, or follow the plans is examples of dragons that must be confronted and killed. So you should choose something that has been prevented and take steps to address it.

3. Struggles for what are right: Winston Churchill He said during the war with Nazi Germany: You have to fight if there is no hope of victory because it is better to kill than to live as slaves.

He said this when Germany had a strong military advantage over Britain, but Churchill remained firm in his opposition to the Nazis, even as Hitler offered him an honest peace in exchange for ending the war. But, Churchill displayed warlike archetypal behavior because he understood what was at stake: the only choice he could make was to fight without giving up.

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