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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-05-24 10:36:21
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Since ancient age, women are the victims of society. They are being oppressed and discriminated, so much that many of them consider womanhood as a curse. In the Vedic era, women had a superior position in society. They were well educated, had all rights like men in the society, could marry according to their own choice, used to participate in major decisions of the family. But later, the condition of women had a steady decline. They became the victim of patriarchy.

They became the victim of patriarchy. Even in 2020, women are facing many discrimination, and injustice be it in the educational sphere or the work field. Education is everyone's fundamental right, but somehow most of the women do not get a chance to receive an education. There are various reasons behind it which act as a barrier to their education. In many parts of the world, giving birth to a female child is considered as a curse as she will become a burden as she grows up. So in many cultures, a baby girl is sacrificed to get rid of the unwanted responsibilities. Though people now understand the worth of a girl child, the deep-rooted superstitions and beliefs are very difficult to eradicate completely.

Women are not considered as the bread earner of a family. This thought leads the parents to take care of the male members of a family. It also includes educating the child. Mainly in cases of low-income families, parents do not see and benefit of educating the girl child. The girl eventually will be married off and leave the house, so they are less likely to spend any money on her education.

Marriage is another barrier to a girl s education. The parents of the girl already consider her as a burden because of dowry tradition. Apart from substantial dowry, the girls are usually married off at an early age. It causes the discontinuation of their education. That is why we can see many dropout female students in schools.

No proper facility and safety make it more difficult for girls to attend schools. In rural areas, there is no appropriate vehicle for them to travel a long path. Their safety is another thing of concern. In schools, no separate toilets, sanitation facility and other needs are met, making it more difficult for women to attend classes.

No proper role model or motivation is another cause of women's disinterest in education. There are very less female teachers who can guide women on the right path. Women get no extrinsic motivation to boost them up so that they build their career. From childhood, they are taught how to do household works and keep a family happy.

Because of these significant reasons, women are still out of school. Though there has been a transformation in society. Now women are not considered as a burden, and they are progressing in their life but still the path they are crossing to get recognition is full of thorns. So it is our sole duty to stop discriminating women and give them their deserved place in the society.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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Sourodeep Goswami

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