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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-05-15 03:48:08
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Education is one of the most significant thing in a child's life, right from the beginning of their childhood, until they becomes an adult. One of the most common ways to acquire education is to go to school, and as a second option, to do it online. So which is Better? Many people have a difference of opinion in this matter and this is because both, traditional schooling methods and online schooling have their own set of pros and cons.

One benefit of online schooling is that it has time and location flexibility. Students can log in to their accounts as per their schedule and they can work from across the world, on the other hand, traditional schooling is time limited and can only benefit those who live in that locality or in that state

Another plus point for online schooling is that the student can adjust learning at their own pace and speed, they don't have to be pulled back neither do they have to rush to keep up with other students, while in traditional school, the teacher has to be considerate of both types of students and students can't learn at their own pace.

All of this may sound good, although, there are also down sides for online schooling and many plus points for traditional schooling methods. For example, traditional methods offers much more interaction between the teacher and student. This is a detrimental thing since this interaction between teacher and student and also peer to peer builds additional skills such as interpersonal skills, teamwork, and leadership skills, whilst online school, provides a significantly decreased amount of this interaction which can leave the students lacking in certain skills.

Another benefit of traditional methods is that the school has already prepared a fix schedule for the students, although this can prove to be a disadvantage for some students, by another perspective it can prove beneficial to those students who are prone to procrastination, while online school requires immense amounts of motivation and time management skills.

In conclusion, my opinion would be that attending traditional schools has the upper hand over online schooling and its pro's out way the pro's of online schooling. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell me your opinion it the comments section.

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