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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-05-25 12:30:46
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Right To Education Act makes everyone eligible for education. But still, many disadvantaged students are unable to receive a proper education. To eradicate this problem, making education inclusive is very important. Inclusive education means taking everyone under the blissful umbrella of education. Many confuse inclusive education with the education of disabled students. In its true sense, inclusive education includes all marginalized students, especially able students and others.

Inclusive education makes education for all. There are many benefits to making education inclusive. The first and prime reason for making education inclusive is that it justifies the students' civil rights. Like all other students, physically or mentally challenged students also deserve equal opportunity to study in regular schools. They are not meant to be separated from other students because of their disability. An inclusive classroom lets them study in a regular school environment.

We have many misconceptions about disabled students. To eradicate those misconceptions, establishing an inclusive school is essential. Students will learn from an early age about diversity in the community. They will also learn how to accept each other and work together. It is a huge step that builds up the mutual understanding and bonding of able and disables.

Among other basic needs of life, a sense of belonging is essential. In inclusive classrooms, students feel that belonging and acceptance of individual differences. If disabled students are taught in a separate school, they will never be ready to compete with others in the future. So growing up with able students help them to face future challenges of life easily. Separating especially-able students leave a negative effect on their mentality. Inclusion lets them actually be included in society and make friends.

An inclusive classroom uses many teaching strategies and technologies that may help every student. The students interact with each other and understand the concept of diversity without any biases. Marginalized students get confidence, and their skill is polished while they mingle with other students. They learn many new ways of doing things. All this helps in the overall growth of their personality.

In an inclusive classroom, every student helps each other in learning, so their bond becomes strong. Because inclusive education is a very individualized method, it caters to the needs of every student. They are free to learn at their own speed. Every student is taken care of with equal importance.

Because of these reasons, education should be made inclusive. If students mingle with each other in school, they will only be able to accept individual differences in later life. Inclusive classroom helps in making disable students competitive with others. They learn how to communicate their thoughts effectively, do things in their unique way, and mingle with others. all these are very important to bring them in the mainstream.

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Author : Sourodeep Goswami
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