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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-05-25 12:25:43
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Electronic learning or E-Learning is nowadays gaining popularity. E-Learning includes the usage of electrical gadgets like laptops, mobile, television, desktop, etc. Now education is not confined in the concrete walls of traditional schools. Students now have broader scopes with E-Learning facilities. A whole new world of learning is open to them. The prime medium of E-Learning is the usage of the internet. So students can get any information very quickly.

There are various reasons behind the increasing demand and usage of E-Learning as an effective study method. Some of them are mentioned below. E-Learning is flexible. Unlike traditional classrooms, students do not need to be physically present in school regularly. They can attend the class comfortably from their houses. The time is also not rigid. Students can attend the class according to their convenience.

E-Learning lets one learn a lesson at their own pace. As we all know, every student has different needs and different learning speeds. In the traditional classroom, all these cannot be considered thoroughly. But in cases of online classes, students get enough time and support to study according to their speed.

E-Learning can be accessed 24x7. Traditional schools have a fixed schedule, for example, from10 A.M. to 4 P.M. If a student needs help when the school hours are over, then they have to wait for the next day when the school re-opens. But in E-Learning, students get 24 hours of assistance and help.

Students understand better when they can hear or see the thing that they are studying. Audio and visual aids help in their understanding and retention of knowledge. E-Learning method includes all types of videos, audios, PPTs, and images to help a student learn effectively.

E-Learning is very much based on computers. So the process of evaluation and feedback can be done quickly and without any mistake. Online exams, tests, summative assessments, formative assessments are easily conducted, and feedbacks are given promptly. It helps the students a lot.

Apart from these reasons, E-Learning is very cost-effective, interactive, and engaging. All of these facilities make students interested in learning and break the monotony of classroom learning. E-Learning has successfully made learning a fun activity. Despite many challenges, E-Learning is becoming the modern way of learning in this busy world.

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