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Topic : Education
Last Updated : 2020-05-29 01:47:55
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Creative writing is a part of the syllabi of every school curriculum and essay writing is an essential part of it. It carries a significant amount of marks. A good essay would single-handedly boost the marks acquired in an exam. Unfortunately, this is one of the topics that children fear the most. Therefore today I am going to detail some steps that are very simple and easy to follow.

Selection of the topic- Students are given a number of topics to write and it is the duty of the students to select the topic wisely which will suit him the best. There are various types of essays available for the students to write. The student has to decide which type suits him the best. This selection has to be made in a practical way and they should keep in mind that their time is limited. Students should select only those topics that they can write well.

Engaging Introduction -Students must start their essay with a very interesting introduction. This introduction must contain the subject matter of the essay and the viewpoint of the writer. Students must try to build up an interest for the readers.

Detailing- Students must go on providing details about the topic concerned and this should be done with accuracy. Too much of imagination needs to be avoided as that can lead to moving away from the main issue. The details should contain pieces of information that are relevant to the topic. The time factor should also be kept in mind so, it is advisable not to get carried away while writing an essay.

Logical presentation- Each and every kind of essay must be presented in a logical point of view. It should be rational as well as orderly. The sequence of events must be arranged in an orderly fashion. There should be nothing in your essay that seems illogical or improbable.

Well knit conclusion- the conclusion is another important part of an essay and the last impression is build upon it. So the students must present all his ideas in a nutshell and be very clear in perspective. He can also put his own opinion regarding the topic in the conclusion.

Lastly, I would like to add that students must write short sentences which are grammatically correct with proper spellings. These steps if followed thoroughly would make essay writing a very simple task to accomplish.

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