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Topic : E Commerce
Last Updated : 2020-06-04 23:37:43
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Electronic business is now quite popular. It is the medium which connects merchants and purchasers, utilizing the internet and through online transactions. There are different types of E-commerce business models to choose from. If you are interested, you need to first think about the type of business transactions you would prefer. Next, you need to see what your business is offering based on which you can choose the business model.

Business-To-Business or the B2B model usually focuses on providing items to one business and then moving to the next. There are many companies in this model and include software organization, supply organizations, various document hosting organizations and more. Such models are usually led by companies and include wholesales and retailers. Such a model needs a lot of startup money. This is the most common type of ecommerce business.

Business-To-Consumer-B2C is considered by most people who desire to get into an e-commerce business. The sales in such a model are usually based on the retail model. Here the business tries to bring in customers through a number of offers. However, the difference is that the business is totally online and there is no physical store which customers can visit. The business has the opportunity to purchase products at a low price and can sell them at high prices.

C2B is one model which is not considered by many people, but lately it is widely accepted. This is an online trade model by which customers offer a variety of products to customers. It is quite like a sole ownership business which is providing a variety of products and services to popular businesses.

Peer to Peer Model is often referred as P2P model. This is a popular communications model. In this model each party has the same kind of capability and any one can begin a communication session. Such kind of model helps customers in sharing their computer files and computer resources. Such a model allows sharing of files without any kind of need for a central web server. Those who wish to implement this need to install the necessary software so that they are able to work together in coordination.

It is known that business to business models or business to customer models are actually instinctive ideas for most people. However, the concept of C2C is quite difference. If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, you need to select a model as per your business plans and requirement.

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