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Last Updated : 2020-06-13 10:41:53
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The artwork of bracelets is something that started out in antiquity. Archaeologists have found many intricately decorated bracelets made from gold and precious semi-precious stones. The bracelet was the symbol of luxury, wealth and status in many parts of the world. Somehow, the concept continued into the present day.

Today, you can buy bracelets online which are available in several designs and styles. Like the bygone eras, contemporary bracelets can be manufactured from various metals like gold and silver. Copper and platinum are also used to make bracelets. There are different types of bracelets that can be adorned by both men and women. Some of them are listed below.

Charm bracelets - Charm bracelets usually carry pendants or trinkets that the person owning them thinks will bring him her good luck. You can buy a simple bracelet and then add charms to it. You can also carry little trinkets gifted by your loved ones with the bracelet. Slap bracelets Slap bracelets consist of a flat metal stripe that is usually covered by felt. It is curved around the wrist thus, the name slap bracelet . You will find different designs of slap bracelets on the websites of the jewelry designers and manufacturers.

Cuff bracelets - Cuff bracelets were extremely popular with Egyptian royal families. It is quite similar to the bangle bracelet but is open at the end. The cuff bracelet can be adjusted a little such that it hugs your wrist comfortably. It is not as flexible as other styles of bracelets.

Beaded bracelets - Beaded bracelets may not be as expensive as the gold or silver ones, but they can surely make a style statement. Stones, wooden beads are usually used to make such a bracelet. The beaded bracelet usually has a ribbon strap or a lobster clasp. If you want to go for the expensive ones, then choose a pearl beaded bracelet or one that contains gemstones.

Link bracelets - Link or chain bracelets come in an extensive range of designs. Cross link, tear drop link, circle link, infinity link is just some of the variants. Multi-strand bracelets Multi-strand bracelets stand out on their own and can be easily used as a substitute for bangles. The name comes from multiple strands being connected to a single clasp. You can customize it by embedding gemstones or beads in the strands.

It has become easier to choose bracelets online nowadays due to amazing photography and detailed product descriptions.

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