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Topic : E Commerce
Last Updated : 2020-06-13 09:36:45
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When creating our online virtual store, we must be clear if we will bet on direct or indirect type electronic commerce, since the choice of one model or another will decisively influence our way of selling online, since it will we need some intermediaries or others.

Virtual order, real delivery: Indirect electronic commerce is one in which tangible goods are offered that will then be delivered to consumers through traditional mail or courier services. You could list a multitude of online virtual stores of this type, from bookstores to shops for telephone and computer products, through websites such as eBay or food stores, which already offer the possibility of filling the shopping basket in a way virtual to later receive at home our products without enduring the endless queues of the supermarket and without the need to carry the heavy bags.

Aspects to consider: To create such a virtual store, we will have to contract our shipments with a registered company that guarantees the terms that we offer and we will have to previously weigh whether the costs of the shipments will be borne by consumers, or by us among many other aspects. In any case, it is a type of electronic commerce that has more and more followers due to its indisputable advantages for users and the elimination of those intermediaries that increased the cost of products.

Order and delivery online: But, without a doubt, the revolution that the Internet has brought to the commercial world can be seen in all its magnitude with direct-type electronic commerce. These are online virtual stores that offer and deliver their services or intangible goods online, and that threatens to become the most widespread form of commerce of the future.

From programs to vacations: In this sense, the number of virtual stores that offer computer programs or online entertainment services is increasing, although we cannot ignore those websites where we can plan our vacations without leaving home. This revolution is splashing practically all economic sectors, and it is no longer difficult to study or read the press through the Internet, practices that, according to some analysts, will end up displacing traditional companies to the background.

Characteristics of direct e-commerce: E-commerce, as this type of economic activity, has come to be called, is based on the use of the Internet as the only technology platform and has some main characteristics: Enables a global and open business environment. An unlimited number of protagonists participate in it.

The users may know these participants, but they may also not be, which is why different security and authentication measures are necessary.

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