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Topic : E Commerce
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 16:43:12
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When you hear that the eCommerce sales growth data is encouraging for the sector, and your company shows no symptoms of starting up, you worry. Logical, you are not yet taking a piece of the pie of online commerce. Maybe it's time to review a few essentials and fine-tune your e-commerce to increase profits.

The trend and projection of the sector are favorable due to the increase in the main variables in B2C commerce: number of Internet users, percentage of them who make online purchases, and the average cost per buyer. The sustained growth of recent years shows us that the market has overcome great barriers, such as the perception of insecurity in transactions. However, there is still a way to go, optimize an eCommerce with these tips and boost sales. User experience: Informed consumers are more demanding than ever. They browse, read catalogs, and product sheets from anywhere. Your potential clients not only need the website to be responsive but also an attractive design for mobile, intuitive, easy and fast navigation. Slow loading times penalize SEO and increase the risk of abandonment with the consequent loss of sales.

Quick response: Sometimes, closing a sale depends on some simple, immediate response. Waiting by mail can definitely cool a deal. Think of a mobile-linked chat system like Zendesk, a good alternative for agile communication. Product sheets: the great forgotten in eCommerce. The manufacturer's reference text is repeated to infinity on all websites, involves duplication of content, and does not favor differentiation with your competition. Users value the information explained in a creative way, with personal touches of your page and friend tips. Break the pattern and create something exclusive. The purchase of guests: when there is no time to lose in the purchase, the filling of personal data repels the impatient buyer. Allows quick purchase as a guest and be sure to report the benefits of full registration (discount, promotions, exclusive premium sales, etc.)

Cross-Selling: Increase the value of each transaction with a cross-sell strategy. Register consumer preferences and offer a complimentary product to the one that shows interest. If you are looking for a shirt, a jacket or matching cufflinks may be on sale. Keep the cart: a widespread practice is the simulation of purchase, users who, after a while of browsing, select the products they want, go to the end of the process, and finally abandon the cart. Why? Prices, indecision, lack of incentive, perhaps simple pleasure to buy without spending. Keep this cart saved for the next visit to your website and consider offering some new incentive to close the sale.

Differential packaging: when you buy from Amazon, you know that the product will arrive in its classic cardboard envelope boxes, with no surprises. You go for the speed of supply and price. But you are not Amazon. Many companies consider the process to be successful with online shopping, although it is only part of the user experience. Match the packaging to the type of product and have some great details, such as a free sample, a personalized letter, an invitation to a new purchase with some additional advantage. The packaging also talks about you, show your best face!

Product image: Apple presents its devices as jewels to admire, you see them from all angles and with enviable resolution. There are products whose photos are decisive when making a decision, such as food. Has it happened to you that you want to enlarge a photograph and it is not possible? Good quality means showing the object appetizing but not exaggerating with Photoshop or filters to sell a different product than the original. Try 360 degree images, take care of the lighting, and seek to stand

Audit: inquires about the perception by web users. Try satisfaction surveys, a useful resource to get an honest view of how the payment gateway works, the view on the web, or the quality of products. You can include it as a constant in your communication protocol.

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About Author : Sazid is a freelance writer and editor passionate about writing on the realm of business tech. He currently works with SMEs through North America and Europe.

Sazid Ahmed

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