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Topic : E Commerce
Last Updated : 2020-05-16 13:07:50
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The world as we know is changing every day and keeping pace with the world, our habits. We are adapting to new trends every day. In order to adapt to changes we try to equip ourselves with new products, and here shopping enters our lives. With the emergence of a new decade, our shopping dictionary got upgraded with a few terms like online shopping, Ecommerce and shopping cart.

Yes, all of us are familiar with the growing trend of online shopping. Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift from physical stores to online commerce. Every day, various sellers are setting up online stores on various e-commerce websites. But has any of us ever wondered why the popularity of Ecommerce is growing every day? Well, here are the Top 10 factors responsible for aiding the growth of an online business.

Mobile Adaptability is one of the the most important factors. As we know a lot of traffic is generated by the use of smartphones and tablets which in a way drives online sales. The first thing ensured by major brands is that their websites are mobile-friendly. This helps a lot to reach out to our tech-savvy generation. Convenience is another major feature of Ecommerce that is pulling the crowd towards it. Unlike a physical store, an online store promises its services 24-7, 365 days a year to its customers. Customers are at their convenience to shop from them whenever and from wherever they like.

In an online store, a customer gets to choose from a wide range of products. For example, an online clothing store will offer a far more wide range of shirts compared to a physical store. This provides the customer with the opportunity to compare a wide range of products and choose something suits the best for his needs. Nowadays, there are various innovative ways in which sellers get to interact with their buyers with the help of social media. They can promote their business through various Ecommerce sites, email and popular platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube to name a few. Another feature in which online shopping leads the way is that it saves our time. Going for shopping in physical stores consume a lot of our time. We no longer need to stand in the queue for billing, just add the product to the cart and pay, choosing one of the various modes of payment available.

Another feature that sets online shopping sites apart from physical stores is their customer-centric recommendations. These sites use sophisticated algorithms to make an idea about an individual's buying habits, tastes and preferences and then offer something which he or she may like to buy. They also offer recommendations about the products which are often bought together. We get access to a wide array of Items under one roof. Yes, while doing online shopping we don't need to hop to 10 different stores for 10 different items. We get all the items under the same roof. Be it clothing to utensils, gadgets, or even medicines. Helpful for Businessmen Ecommerce sites have proven themselves to be a boon for the businessmen in spreading their business far and wide beyond the boundaries of state or even country. It not only helps in flourishing the business but also the availability of a commodity outside its locality.

Made a purchase accidentally or something that is no longer needed? It can always be returned and get the full amount refunded. The 'No Questions Asked Policy' is another great initiative by Ecommerce sites. It saves the buyer from a lot of embarrassing questions. The next feature is that the Ecommerce sites create a lot of job opportunities everyday. It needs a lot of work to set up and host a website or to promote it. Lot of professionals are hired by the companies for doing this work.

In this age of technology, it can definitely be said that the revolutionary idea of Ecommerce will go a long way in the future to make our lives more comfortable. But as we all know predictions about the future do not come with a precise timeline or probability. In future, the process of Ecommerce will go through many stages of evolution or who knows it can also be obsolete, but one thing can be assured whatever takes its place will definitely be better and cater more specifically to our needs.

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