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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-09 01:59:10
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We all know that silk clothing is expensive. Silk as a fabric is pricier than other types of fabrics which are available. Have you ever thought why we pay more for silk clothing? To understand this, you need to know how silk is produced. Besides this, the process of producing silk is quite long. It takes a lot of time and manufacturing processes to create silk fabric. Hence, the material comes expensive.

However, be careful when you buy silk clothing and do not buy fake silk material instead of the right piece. Silk is an old fabric and has been in use since a very long time. It was discovered more than 8500 people by the Chinese. Thus, it is one of the oldest fabrics known to us. Due to its texture and luster, silk was the most popular among the emperors and the royalty all over the world. It was a royal clothing, often used as gifts provided to royal people.

Silk is produced naturally by silkworms. This is why it is an expensive material. It is skillfully crafted from insect. One of the pure forms of silk is usually produced by cocoons of larvae. The silkworms are the main source of silk production. Silk produced from moth caterpillars are generally used as second source. Though such a difference is not usually understood by a layman. Due to its natural production, silk comes quite expensive.

It takes a lot of time and money to create silk. It needs controlled care and patients to get silk from insects. As this is a natural process, no synthetic methods or chemicals are used for speeding the process of silk manufacturing. Thus, it is known that protein which is used in the making of silk takes time to produce. It is not just the process of production, but the entire process involved in cleansing, molding and getting the raw material in its exhaustive and tedious form is quite time-consuming.

Silk is referred to as second human skin. It is about sixteen percent protein which is usually found in our nails, skin and hair. Thus, silk is said to be second skin of humans as the protein is produced from insects. Thus, the reasons to wear silk are many. Silk is also quite eco-friendly. It causes no environmental harm.

Pure silk is a premium fabric. It can be easily altered into a number of colors, patterns and designs. When you buy silk, you need to know what kind of material you are purchasing and if it is really silk.

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