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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-09 01:53:09
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Cotton is comfortable material and looks good. The fiber gets a good spun which creates a thread or yarn so that it is breathable. Clothes made from cotton are not just soft, but they are durable too. Children s clothing is mainly made from cotton because it is durable, simple and can be easily maintained. Cotton is in use since a long-time and widely used in the making of jackets, sleepwear, dresses, sweaters and shirts.

Here are some of the many reasons why cotton clothing is recommended for children and why it is popularly used in making their clothes.

Helps to Control Moisture - Cotton is one material which is absorbent and helps in moisture control. It helps in removing moisture build-up from clothes. The skin is kept dry which is very important for children. As per experts, cotton is known to absorb one-fifth of its weight, before it is thought to be damp.-

It can be worn throughout the year - Cotton clothing does not require any special season. It can be worn anytime and at any temperature. It is just perfect for summer s heat. It provides the right quantity of insulation in the cold chilly days. This happens as cotton tends to trap the air present between the fibers of fabric. Cotton material also does not stick to the skin. Hence, it can insulate the body adequately.

The material does not cause allergies - Cotton is one of those materials which does not cause allergy issues or reaction. Dermatologists often recommend wearing cotton as it helps in keeping away allergies. Cotton is one material that does not irritate the soft skin of babies. Baby clothing is generally made from cotton as it compliments their soft and sensitive skin.

It is Not Toxic - Children s clothing is made from cotton because it is not a toxic material when compared to synthetic material. Chemicals are often used in making synthetic clothes which cause rashes and skin roughness. Thus, the material is not toxic and perfectly safe for children.

It is Highly Durable - Cotton fabric is a durable material. Children s clothes are made from cotton because it does not tear easily. It can also withstand the strong power of washing machines or even frequent hand washes. Besides, cotton does not have any inherent odor and thus, it can be washed fast. You do not have to wash it for a long-time as well, so there is no problem of wasting your detergent, power and time. Last, but not the least, cotton is a comfortable material.

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