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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-10 11:13:04
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How to wash your jeans? Is this something which comes in your mind often? It might especially be so, when you have bought a new pair of jeans and you need to ensure that it stays in good condition for a long-time. There are many opinions about washing jeans at home. Some people believe that jeans should not be washed too often. Others believe that tossing it once is enough. But what is the right way to wash jeans at home? Here are some expert tips on how to clean jeans at home.

Whether it is your old jeans or new one, you should always turn it inside out before you wash it. When you do this, it will minimize the abrasion. It means the jeans will not fade much. Also, specific areas of the jeans like the waistband edges, the fly area, pockets and hems will not wear out. You should also check so that all zippers and buttons are fastened. If this is done, the jeans will be in shape.

If you are washing ripped jeans that has frayed hemps or there are holes, you can clip the openings and also the edges. You can use sock cops for the purpose which are used to keep socks paired when they are being washed. These clever clips will not allow your denim to fray more than you desire.

You need to use a detergent which will ensure that the color is preserved when the jeans is washed. Not all detergents are good enough and some of them might cause fading of the jeans. It is recommended to use a detergent which is made from natural products. The jeans will smell well, it will be soft on the fiber and it will be sparkling clean as well.

Never use warm or hot water to clean your jeans. There are many people who believe in soaking their denims in a bucket of warm water. They hope that that it will successfully extract all the dirt, mud and other particles from the jeans which is not possible in any other way. However, even if it happens, the hot or warm water is not good for the fabric and will damage it.

You should not cram the dryer and washer full. Though you would prefer to load as many garments you want to get it done quickly, the process will cause wear and tear of the fabric. There will be no room for movement which can cause breakage of the stitching. So, be gentle and you will have clean jeans in a short time.

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