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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-20 05:24:01
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Each brand of clothing has its unique standardizing technique which keeps changing from one year to another. Thus, if you do not purchase your clothing with caution, there are chances that you will buy the wrong size. Many people even fail to understand, even after wearing the clothing that the size is wrong. So, for all such people here is a brief idea which helps to know if the clothing is fitting well or if it is of the wrong size.

How does it feel when you have your blazer on and you realize, you are not able to hug someone? If you notice that your arms movement are restricted due to the sleeve of your blazer, it is a sign that your blazer does not fit you well. You need a larger size one. One of the most common signs of wrong fit is when there is a gap between the buttons. If you find that the buttons are unbuttoning on their own as you are moving, it is a sign that you do not have the right size on.

Now, this next situation can be a lot embarrassing. How would you feel if you notice that the hem of your pants is continuously moving up? If this happens and you notice that it is getting stuck around the crotch area, it means there is a break. It is not just uncomfortable, but it can be seen by everyone around. Try the two-finger test. You might have a waistline which fits nicely when you are standing up but is tight when you sit down, it means the size is not right. You need a size which will hug you from all possible places. If you notice that you are not able to pinch your pant from anywhere, it does mean you need to buy the next size.

There are many people who have their shirts or their t-shirts rolling up when they sit down. This is also an indication that the shirt does not fit well. If you notice that your shirt does not remain tucked in comfortably for a long-time it means you are wearing the wrong size. In case you find that the pockets keep flaring it means you need to get your size checked once again.

Thus, if you choose to buy clothing online, you should ensure you are buying the right piece. Know your brand and the size before you purchase one. Fitting is important because it is responsible for how you look.

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Sudipa Dutta Chowdhury

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