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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-02 11:37:51
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Let us admit it a suit is expensive and you might not be keen to buy another one immediately. Why not take good care of it at home and maintain it well? No, you do not have to spend a lot of money to maintain it at home. There is no need to invest in a large number of accessories as well. You can take care of your suit with whatever you have at home. There are a few easy steps which will ensure your suit is stored well and it stays in a good condition for long.

Create Enough Space in Your Closet Suit jackets need a good amount of storage space. This is why experts recommend the usage of large coat hangers so that they can be stored comfortably. Large hangers ensure that the suit is draped correctly as it is stored. In case these are packed too close to one another, the garment might wrinkle. Also, if the space is stuffy, air cannot circulate well, which will create humidity and in long-time it will damage the fibers.

Using Garment Bags There are a large number of garment bags available. These are made from soft and breathable material, which makes them perfect for storing suits. When suits are stored in these garment bags, they will not gather dust or dirt. You do not have to brush off the dust from the suits which often tears or damages the fiber in them. However, if you are not going to use your suit for a long-time, you are advised not to seal the garment bag. If you seal it, air will not circulate and there will be build-up of moisture which will damage the suit.

Coat Hangers are a Must - Coat hangers are available easily but when you buy a suit, bring home coat hangers which will perfect hang your suit. The hanger of the right size will help in keeping the shoulders protected. The jacket will drape comfortably when hanging which will ensure that a good shape is maintained. These hangers are wide and of appropriate thickness so that they can bear the weight of the suit. Remember to buy good quality hangers because these are going to keep your expensive suit protected, so never compromise on their quality.

Cedar Blocks Can Help Cedar blocks are often recommended by experts for suit storing. There are many reasons for using cedar. It offers a pleasant fragrance on textile it can easily absorb any kind of residual moisture and it works as a natural moth repellent. These can be easily placed in the wardrobe where you have your suit and they will do their job well.

Finally, do take care of your suit on a regular basis. You can gently steam iron the suit, which will remove creases and clean the suit. You can use a brush to remove any dust particles which you might see. A brush with soft bristles is quite helpful and works well.

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