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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-17 11:56:58
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When some women gather in a place for some occasion, it is found that they start talking about sarees. Even modern Indian women who hardly get a chance to wear a saree do not leave the chance to boast upon their saree wardrobe. A saree is not only a piece of cloth it is a work of art too. Sometimes sweet memories of our near and dear ones, sentiments, and nostalgia are attached to some sarees. Thus, these sarees become very precious to us. Naturally, we want to give love and care to the maximum

This article will give you a few necessary tips to take care of your precious sarees and will help them to make long-lasting. Do not wash your costly sarees very frequently. Washing or dry cleaning drains out the natural glaze and color of the saree. If you need, do only spot cleaning. Sometimes falls of the saree become dirty. Take a wet cloth and rub it on the falls to remove dirt from the saree. If tea, coffee, ice-cream, curry, etc. spill over your saree, wash that area only with plenty of plain water immediately. Otherwise, the stain becomes permanent. The first wash of the saree should be in the plain water. Stay away from hot and cold water to wash your saree. Only normal water is preferred.

Restrict the use of soap on your precious and expensive saree. Still, if you need to use soap, use a mild shampoo and very mild liquid detergent of a reputed company. First, dilute them in plenty of water and then use it. Do not use raw detergent. Better, do not use a stain remover. You can use some organic products like lemon juice, milk, etc. to remove stains. Soapnut is an excellent organic product to wash your costly sarees.

After washing or giving starch dry your sarees properly otherwise fungus may appear on damp saree. For drying purpose do not place your saree under direct sunlight. The scorching heat of the sun may fade the color of the saree.

Do not store your saree in a closed tight place for a long period. It may lead to creases and tears. Unfold and refold your saree in the opposite direction at least twice annually. Keep your saree every once in a while in fresh air to breathe and to resist fungal attack and bad odor.

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