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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-10 11:19:18
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Imagine a situation when you found a shirt or a dress which fits you just right. You are happy with the fit and size, but then you remember that it can shrink after you wash it. Many of us often face this problem when clothes shrink and no longer fit us. Is there any way by which this shrinking can be stopped? Yes, there are ways of preventing your favorite clothes from shrinking and you can have them in good fit.

Remember that each type of clothing is different and care instructions are also different for each one. Clothes often reduce by shrinking and after the first wash or due to the wrong technique used in their wash. Materials like bamboo, cotton, wool have natural fibers and come with more stretching options. However, loose weaves can also tighten and shrink more as they are exposed to heat, water and agitation.

First and foremost, if you wish to prevent shrinking, you have to read the labels before you buy any garment. There are several garments which have preshunk written. It means that the fibers are preshunk right before the weaving of the fabric. The fabric was preshunk before it was cut. Thus, there will be reduced shrinking in its life.

When you read the label thoroughly, you will also know the care instructions for the clothes. There are many clothes which come with specialized instructions. If you follow all these guidelines, especially the ones mentioned related to home washing or even dry cleaning, temperature of the water, the laundry cycle and dryer cycle, your clothes might not shrink.

When you are spinning the clothes, you need to ensure that you are spinning it on gentle cycle. If you do this, the fabric will be in good shape. If the clothes are spun for a longer time, they might get agitated which results in their shrinking. There are several dryers which have a special tumble setting. Such a setting will help in spin drying your clothes with just one motion. Heat will not be used. In case there is no scope for gentle cycle you can wash your clothes with your hands.

When drying your clothing, a good option is to tumble dry or air dry your clothing. Do not use the dryer but hang your clothes to dry naturally. Though air drying does take a lot of time, it will prevent your clothes from shrinking, especially cotton clothes which have a greater tendency to shrink.

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