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Topic : Employment
Last Updated : 2020-05-15 01:39:39
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I have a question I would like to pose to everyone: is a short-term benefit better than a long-term benefit? The answer is evident. It is unanimously accepted that long-term benefits are a better option than short-term benefits.

If a family wanted to dine-out on Tuesday and then find out that family meals on Wednesday nights are 50% off, if they decide to eat the same Tuesday night, this benefit will be short-term, they will get to eat at the moment but will be losing money, and on the other hand if they decide to eat on Wednesday night, the benefit will be long term, although they will not eat today, they will be saving half of the money tomorrow. The person given these two options, will most-likely choose the latter rather than the former.

This same analogy applies here in our discussion today. Should high-school students be required to have a part-time job or not? My opinion in this matter is that they should not be required to have part-time jobs. The reasons for this is that firstly, their focus should be studies, and secondly, the earned money will lead to extravagance and that will lead to carelessness.

When a person wants to excel at something, their focus should be diverted to only that particular thing. In history, there are tons of examples of people who devoted themselves for their goals. This leads to my first reason that high-school plays a vital role in a person s career. If he shows weakness and carelessness and not enough of devotion, his desired outcome will remain unfinished. This is why high-school students should devote their time to their studies and not to part-time jobs.

As all people are aware, money has pros and cons, benefits and harms and depending on each situation and scenario one of them will out-weigh the other. If money is used wisely and invested in worth-while things, then this money is beneficial here, but on the other hand if this same money leads to extravagance and carelessness, then this money is not a pro factor for the individual. A great example for this is Banks. The main source of income for banks is the interest the account holders pay. Interest happens when you try to purchase something you dont have the money for, or you dont pay your bills on time. Interest itself is proof of extravagance.

This leads me to my second reason, like above, when this high-school student will earn money and considering his teen age he will surely be extravagant and excessive in spending the money, and extravagance is proof of carelessness, and carelessness is an unpleasant habit to have.

Therefore, because of the mentioned reasons that firstly, their focus should be studies, and secondly the money will lead to extravagance and that will lead to carelessness, I do not think that a high school student should be required to have a job. If they are required to have a part-time job this will only result in temporary benefits and permanent distress.

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