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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-06-05 19:02:52
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The second smallest province of Canada, and a collection of historic memories, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This makes Nova Scotia a place with many splendid sights and seascapes. No doubt it is a province towards which thousands of tourists are attracted to. Let us look at a few of the fabulous charms of Nova Scotia.

Cabot Trail, located in Cape Breton Islands. This is a paved road that has a oceanic view and is 300km in length which provides with multiple opportunities to take remarkable photos. This is a fantastic path to go along for motorcyclists. Many communities and attractions line the route. Hiking the mountains along the path is also a common hobby among the locals and tourist alike. There are many excellent hiking routes and trails and tourist even have the option to hire a local guide to show them the best spots. The most favorable season to go to Nova Scotias Cabot Trail is autumn owing to the regions vibrant colors.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This museum brings back the maritime history of Nova Scotia, exhibits show the visitors of the Maritime Museum the role the Atlantic Ocean has played in different aspects of life. The Maritime Museum collections include over 200 model ships, from old sailing ships to ocean liners. It also displays photographs and personal survivor tales. If you like jumping back into the past Nova Scotias Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the place to be.

Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Brightly colored buildings line the hill of the town of Lunenburg. Shockingly, almost 3 quarters of these buildings and houses are on the same original structures made back in the 18th and 19th century. This town is also home to a museum for the people who have a taste for olden time ships etc. Along the waterfront, the port is still being used up til today with vessels docking on everyday, and fisherman unload their catch of the day. Lunenburg Nova Scotia is truly amazing.

The Halifax Public Garden, Nova Scotia. These public gardens in Nova Scotia are the oldest Victorian gardens in North America, which were created in 1867. Tourist can enjoy an hour long tour there which shows you the historic sites in the Halifax Public