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Topic : Sports
Last Updated : 2020-05-15 14:55:23
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Once considered the Pinnacle format of cricket ,test cricket nowadays is struggling to keep upto the mark with the limited overs of games,odis and t20. The game has evolved over time and audience over the years have shifted to the limited overs cricket. Moreover the shorter versions of games being a money churner it has become tough for sustainance of test cricket in relation to these games.

Test cricket once considered the epitome of cricket is now struggling,with players choosing to play shorter formats in order to maintain the physical and mental fitness in order to improve the longetivity of their careers and also grinding money to their Kitty .The present scenario of test cricket, only the countries like India, Australia and England are close enough to maintain the decency of the viewership of the test cricket and promoting it. There is some Ray of hope that they might resurrect it.

The test cricket is the ultimate form of cricket where the mental toughness skills mindset patience all is tested rather than limited overs cricket where only stratergical tactics,power and execution is important rather than the technique. Also the ICC has come up with plans to revive this format by introducing world test championship and day night cricket. But those are still in their initial phases and their mass appeal is still a doubt.One of the thing which holds important for the essence of test cricket are the pitches upon which it is played upon.

The best way to increase the viewership and survival of test cricket is to aid monetarily to the test cricketers and also the development structure heading up to team selection, the domestic tournaments. If u look at the youngsters,you rarely find any cricketer saying that he wants to play test cricket and that's disheartening to see as a cricket fan .The competitiveness is dying out. Very few players have ultimate desire to play test cricket,rather most of youngsters view this as old orthodox form.

So if ICC wants to promote these format they and their associate members have to supply monetarily to the core test players who don't play other formats like Chateshwar pujara,Wriddhiman saha ,Nathan Lyon, Stuart broad, Neil Wagner, Watling and many more so that younger generation cricketers overlooking economic and luxurious advantages of shorter formats tends to divert towards test cricket.The emergence of test championship has also paved the way for the development.

So let's hope that the test cricket rises, reemerges and reaches it's Pinnacle best , as being a kid of 90's it's very disheartening to look at the current status of test cricket.Hope the big giants of cricket and current generation of the cricketers to take these forward and gain its prestigious old status.

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Author : Amaan Shaikh
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Amaan Shaikh

Comments : 1

We accept maximum 100 comments

By : Asim
Last Updated : 2020-05-16 03:12:06
Test cricket will survive as long as core cricket fans are there. The icc should stop going after t20 audience to watch test cricket and think about how to engage those who already watch test cricket. Your point is right about the pitches.

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