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Topic : Business Analysis
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 11:10:27
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Business process mapping is the most indispensable method for product development and technology modernization forces. More than just boxes and arrows, the process map shows the magic and the wisdom of how and why work is done. Sadly, a lot of professionals briefly shorten the process. Here are some tips that will ensure process mapping so that you can achieve the full potential from your improvement innovation project. Here is how to create a process map -

Gather all stakeholders - You need many voices of people who are responsible for the process and who are actively involved in the day to day activities.

List all human actions - Do you know the things that humans do as a part of this process, if not then here it is. Initially, this is often done with sticky notes that can be easily transferred later.

List all system tasks - There are many tasks such as data transfer, email sending, or simple folder creation that can be performed by a machine better than a human.

Determine who is responsible for each task - Most offices have a separate owner. Some may be committed to a group of people, but one must ultimately be held responsible for the timely completion. There is an error in the situation of someone being responsible, even in system tasks.

Conclusion - Processes are made up of individual tasks that must be performed in a particular sequence to complete an item. When you map business processes, you identify every step in the process and make sure that everyone knows where one task ends and another begins.

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