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Topic : Business Analysis
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 10:42:32
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An efficient process map plays an essential role in delineating how actions are taken to convert an input into a better output. Process mapping practitioners develop process maps to enhance communication, discover valuable insights into process performance, help teams innovate ideas for process improvement, and capture the knowledge of the organization.

Poor Process Scoping - A business process is an arranged sequence of activities, events, and choices that get a product or service input from a supplier, add worth to that product or service through a variety of process and then delivers a distinct product of higher value output to the consumer.

Lack of Analysis - By mapping business processes, practitioners can suggest efficient solutions that improve the day-to-day operations of the business. When executed accurately, business process analysis can help organizations achieve significant changes that reduce operating costs while improving customer value.

Inconsistency - If practitioners use different symbols and notations, the likelihood of confusion increases. On the other hand, continuity in methodology brings ease and understanding across all departments. Mapping conventions, text fonts, styles, shapes, and all other graphics must be the same.

Lack of maintenance - Most businesses often do not update the process map because they do not have dedicated resources to make the necessary changes. This process mapping is prudent to employ a team of practitioners who process, lead process improvement, and drive positive organizational change.

Dependence on the Wrong People - Process mapping is best executed by including those who work to define and improve their work. Process owners are necessary for successful study and improvement of a business process. The quality of the produced process map is directly related to the people in the room that define the hoe process.

Conclusion - When business processes are defective, a business will experience high burden charges and weak profitability. Process mapping provides significant tangible benefits on-going, including cost savings, increased productivity, increased revenue, improved quality, and higher customer value to improve business process performance.

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