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Topic : Clothing
Last Updated : 2020-06-18 11:21:18
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Bangladesh is famous for varieties of sarees. Saree is a traditional garment which is 4.5 9 meters long depending on the variety and it is very popular among women of the Indian subcontinent. Bangladeshi sarees have a style of its own and that is why they are so unique and this uniqueness of Bangladeshi saree has made them favorite to saree lovers all over the world. Bangladesh has a very strong saree market in different countries of the world.

This country supplies a great variety of sarees which you can wear on any occasion, at any time of the day and in any season. A saree is an excellent gift for women. You can gift this saree at any occasion at birthday, in a wedding, as New Year s gift and so on. You can buy sarees from a reputed shop or you can buy it online. This article will give you a few tips on some famous Bangladeshi sarees.

Jamdani is a very famous and popular traditional saree. Origin of this saree is Bangladesh. From the very ancient time, this saree is woven in different parts of Bangladesh, mainly in Dhaka and then sent to different market all over the world. Originally it was a simply gorgeous looking cotton saree but nowadays silk thread is being mixed with the cotton thread on public demand and to give it a finer look. There are different types of jamdani sarees butidar, tersa, duria, etc. the price of jamdani saree remains very high because of the excellent craftsmanship.

Another famous Bangladeshi saree is Muslin saree which is woven from the finest variety and best quality cotton that is grown in Bangladesh. It is hand oven saree, and very costly. Muslin saree was very popular among Mughal ruler. Muslin sarees are extremely light, silky and glossy, and sensuous to touch.

Tangail is another famous saree of Bangladesh. It is a hand-woven saree and is made by weavers of Tangail district of Bangladesh and once mentioned by famous travelers Ibn Battuta and Huen Tsang in their travel history. You can get both cotton and silk Tangail saree.

Another famous Bangladeshi saree is Rajshahi silk saree. It is made from soft silk fibre. It is getting popular among modern women day by day. This is a gorgeous saree which can be worn during any occasion. The saree enhances the appearances of women.

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