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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-10-25 12:49:28
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When you think of Argentina, pictures of passionate couples come to mind in the streets of love, or of men shedding tears in football matches. Maybe a glass of delicious debris red wine, a portion of mouth-watering beef on a barbecue - In short, Argentina is a country that holds to the very famous cliche. However, if you are planning to travel to Argentina, you need to know that this beautiful country is much more than that.

Invented radio broadcasting - Argentina was the first-ever country in the world to broadcast radio for the first time. The country first telecast was in August 1920, and to that extent, only 20 people had a radio.

The first animated feature film was made - Along with being a radio pioneer, the Argentine people also made the first animated feature films. The world first full-length cartoon was created and released in Argentina in 1917 by a man named Quirino Cristiani and is said to have been an impulse for Walt Disney.

The highest number of plastic surgery Incredibly - Argentine women undergo the most plastic surgery - per capita - in the world. Argentina is probably one of the most conscious countries in the world.

Most psychological per capita - Another amazing fact about Argentine culture is that Argentina is the most per capita in the world. Current studies reveal that there are 145 psychologists per 100,000 citizens.

Highest and lowest points in South America - Laguna del Carbone, -105 m is the lowest point in the province of Santa Cruz, and Mount Aconcagua - 6,962 m is the highest point, which is situated in the Mendoza Province of Argentina in the Southern Hemisphere.

Conclusion - Argentina is a great country situated in the southern part of South America. It is the second-largest nation in South America after Brazil and the eighth-largest in the world.

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