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Topic : Agriculture
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 10:11:09
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Farming comprises growing crops and rearing animals for food and raw materials. It is a crucial element of agriculture that began almost thousands of years ago. It led to the rise of the Neolithic revolution. Here in this article, there are the top 5 types of farming in agriculture. So, here you go -

Arable Farming - This type of farming comprises the growth of crops but only in warm climate conditions. It is practiced on flat land that is gently sloping with fertile and deep soil. It is important that the land is not wet or fully dried.

Pastoral Farming - It is a type of farming that involves rearing animals in cold or wet climates, which is not ideal to grow crops. Here, land with poor soils and steep slopes cannot support the machines and even does not provides the nutrients that crops needed to grow.

Mixed farming - Mixed Farming incorporates rearing animals and growing crops in the same area of land. The above type of farming supports each other and even enhances the yield of farms. While this type of farming reduces the risk of losses occurs due to poor weather conditions.

Subsistence Farming - This type of farming is the practice of rearing animals and growing crops for personal use. It is being practiced on a small-scale focusing on the feeding of the farmers family. This can generally be labor-intensive for the manpower in use but no use of machinery or technology. This is a self-sufficient type of farming.

Commercial Farming - Commercial farming is a type of farming practiced to make a profit. It comprises the rearing of animals and the growing of crops on a large area to increase production and profit both. Machinery and Technology are used to operate this farming. It involves growing a single type of cash crop, known as the monoculture.

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