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Topic : Agriculture
Last Updated : 2020-10-31 10:30:27
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Agriculture comprises animals and plant breeding and even land cultivation. It is all to offers food, medicines, and fiber to humans. It also incorporates other necessary products for the sustenance and enhancement of life. Here, we are providing the details of the top 5 agricultural activities that one should know pursuing in the agricultural field.

Shifting Cultivation - Shifting cultivation is known as a practice in the tropics. It involves forest clearance through slashing and burning. The cleared property is cultivated until the fertility of it declines. It is usually for three to five years or until the flowers or weeds overtake the field.

Nomadic Herding - Nomadic herding is the agricultural practice to keep and graze the animals on the natural pastures. It is common in the semi-arid and arid regions like parts of northern Africa, northern parts of Eurasia, and Saudi Arabia. The activity resembles pastoral farming.

Rudimentary sedentary cultivation - Alike several other agricultural activities, this type of agricultural activity is subsistence farming. It is practiced on a similar piece of land year-out, year-in. The land is then left fallow for some years to regain the fertility of its soil.

Livestock Ranching or Pastoral Farming - Pastoral farming or Livestock ranching is an agricultural activity focusing on the rearing of animals. Here, farmers do not migrate from one place to another to search for water or pasture. They live in settlements. Several pasture lands are developing so that they can graze the animals and many actresses over the globe with huge land pieces have enough grazing areas to practice this activity.

Commercial Plantations - The commercial plantation is also known as plantation farming, industrialized agriculture, or tree crop farming and covers a large area of land. If it is practiced on a small piece of land, the activity offers great commercial value. It also involves the cultivation of crops of tropical areas like rubber, coconut, tea, cocoa, apples, oranges, mangoes, and more.

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