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Topic : Food
Last Updated : 2020-06-11 20:33:55
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There are over 200 different types of dates coming in a variety of shape, size, color and taste. All dates have a great health benefit in them and are also very tasty. In this article we will tell you about a few types of this delicious fruit, dates.

Ajwa Dates. Ajwa dates are an example of soft and juicy fruits and have a wonderful texture and rich taste. This type of date has a dark, close to black wrinkly skin and retain their softness very well. In fact, Ajwa dates are so soft and have a such a juicy flesh that when you eat it it feels like they are melting in your mouth. Ajwa dates are one of the many varieties of dates which are exported by Saudi Arabia. As many of the other types of dates, Ajwa dates are rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. This date is a good source for Vitamin A, C, and also Vitamin K as well as potassium, calcium and many other healthy nutrients.

Medjool Dates. Medjool dates are one of the most famous dates in the world due their soft skin and caramel like taste. They are also on of the largest types of the date fruit. Medjool dates are mostly light reddish brown and quite sticky in touch.

Sukkari Dates. Sukkari dates are one the most softest and sweetest dates you can buy. This type of dates has a light golden color and is tremendously sweet in taste. The reason for their softness is due to the fact that they are harvested before they are ripe and unlike many other dried dates, you do not have to soak these dates before eating them. Sukkari dates are a delicious treat to quench someones urge to eat something sweet. These dates are so high in quality that in addition to the name Sukkari, they are also often called Royal Dates.

Safawi Dates. One of the darkest type of dates is the Safawi dates from Saudi Arabia. These oval shaped dates are mildly sweet and medium in size. Safawi Dates are a type of semi dried and depending on its ripeness, Safawi dates can be sweet and soft and also crisp while being somewhat sweet. In its dried state, the date will be dark and wrinkled without any flakes on its surface.

Maktoom Dates. Anther type of reddish dates are the Maktoom dates which are similar to the famous Medjool dates in texture and flavour and are not overly sweet. Meaning that you can enjoy them at any time if the day and night. To enjoy these Maktoom dates, the preferred time is when they are freshly harvested off the palm trees. The dried varieties tend to lose some of their softness and sweetness.

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