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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-06-25 19:56:27
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Ripleys Aquarium Toronto is the largest aquarium in Canada. Ripleys Aquarium features extensive jellyfish exhibits, 65 year old lobsters, stingray touch pools, and much much more. To find out what to do in Ripley-27-s Aquarium Toronto read our article down below.

Take a heart pounding journey through the Dangerous Lagoon. The Dangerous Lagoon in Ripleys Aquarium is truly an experience you will never forget. Step on to the moving sidewalk which takes you through North Americas longest underwater viewing tunnel. The Dangerous Lagoon features the aquariums most fearsome and furious looking animals such as the Sand Tiger Fish and the Green Moray Eel.

Enjoy an Amazing Light Show by the Jellyfish. Hundreds of jellyfishes will surround you from all sides making you feel you have gone into another world. The Planet Jellies exhibit is filled and beautified with back lit and color changing displays with various types of jellyfish. Most fascinating of all are the translucent Moon Jellies that are roaming around in the ceiling exhibits right above your head.

Touch a Stingray Fish at The Shoreline Gallery. The Shoreline Gallery which is located at the top of the Ray Bay exhibit provides visitors with a educational and tactile experience like no other. Run your fingers against the silky smooth skins of the four species of stingrays.

Ripleys Aquarium is an amazing place to visit and a great place to admire the sea animals as well as get a closer look at them. So what are you waiting for, Plan a trip to Ripleys Aquarium Toronto, Canada Now.

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