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Topic : Travel
Last Updated : 2020-06-18 19:46:53
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Niagara Falls is a well know tourist attraction for people around the world located both in Ontario, Canada and in New York, USA. Niagara Falls astoundingly welcomes over 30 million people each year, both on the Canadian side as well as the American side, but it is best seen by the Canadian Side. You can view the falls several different ways, be it on foot, on a speed boat or even up close by walking right behind it. Want to know more about Niagara Falls-11- Well then read our article down below.

Horseshoe Falls- The Horseshoe Falls are also known as the Canadian Falls. The more famous falls, Niagara Falls, is made up of three different sections of waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls is the biggest out of all three of them. With two thirds of the Horseshoe Falls being in Ontario, on the Canadian side and one third being in New York, on the American side, people of both countries can enjoy the beautiful view of the Horseshoe Falls. These waterfalls are also called the Jewel of Niagara and have rightfully earned this name. The Horseshoe Falls look amazingly spectacular due to its crescent shape, and height which measures up to 173 feet.